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Toe To Toe is a company with Great customer service and a wide variety of brands.  If you can't find it they will!!!  Carol is very accommodating and will do whatever it takes to make her customers happy.  I wish all companies took such pride in their clients.  Being that I travel so much and time is of the essence, Toe To Toe goes to great lengths to get the job done.  I wouldn't dream of using anyone else to purchase my dance shoes from.  I recommend Toe To Toe to all who are in need of shoes.

Deborah Szekely

CordobaSzekely Productions

2. US Open Swing Champion

4x NASDE winner and former Broadway Dance


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I am VERY, VERY happy with my shoes, and I thank you all (for I have spoken with so many of you by now) for your patience and your extensive knowledge of how your shoes fit and behave.  Others on the dance floor have asked me about my shoes and I'm happy to recommend you.  It's a good thing you sent me extra catalogues, because I've given them out.  In fact, if you'd like, I'd be glad to distribute more.  I am involved with many different dance studios in both NY and Massachusetts.

Andrea  Isaacs

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Dear Customer Service,

I have recently received my Dawn with wrap shoes.  they are absolutely awesome!  I wore them while singing in a "Diva Show", and they were killer.  They were very comfortable as I performed my choreographed routine, and instead of thinking how much my feet hurt, I concentrated on slaying the audience with my voice, moves and costume.  (Ego is important for Divas;-).

Thank you very much for the best shoes I have ever owned.

Sincerely,  Mary Kay Williams

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Testimonial from a new customer.  I bought shoes from Toe to Toe at Nationals in Delaware and gave them a ruthless workout over the weekend.  The fit, comfort, construction, and styling are excellent (I have a difficult hoof to shoe).  The additional cushioning is Sweeeeet!  I also found the prices very competitive.  I'm happy to discover our "mad in the USA" Celebrity line and found the vendor attentive and knowledgeable.  I don't know how the production will bear up over extended abuse, but fresh out of the gate it looks to be a Go.  If my excuse for failing to execute a perfect pivot until now was "it must be the shoes," I guess I'm going to have to search further-like, "it must be my partner!!!"

Bettie Burnett

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Greets from a VERY satisfied customer!

I want you to know that I have been pleased with my shoes purchased from your store.  Your catalog describes the three pairs of shoes, which I own, JUST as I received them.  In all likelihood I will purchase more in the near future, as long as I continue taking lessons from the Northville Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

And I appreciate your sending me two tags for the bags I purchased from you at the Stardust Studio.  Your PROMPT mailing of the (bag tags) re-confirms my appreciation for your excellent service.

I look forward to selecting new models in the future, as I continue to add to my dancing skills.

Thanks again,    Alvin C. LaCroix

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